Star Conflict

Are you looking for real space simulator released in the model Free to Play? Yes ?! The game is free to download! More »

War Thunder

War Thunder is a free multiplayer online game for fans of shooters and simulations. The game has been released by the studio Gaijin, known for Birds of Steel and Apache Air Assault. More »

Sparta: War of Empires

Muscled heroes of Sparta is not only a great material for a movie filled with action (like 300 created by Zack Snyder), but also the idea of ​​a strategic online game Free to Play model. Tonight we dine in hell! More »

Battle of Beasts

The tactical RPG game? Strategy? The combination of both? Check out free browser multiplayer game Battle of Beasts developed by Upjers! More »


Star Conflict review

Are you looking for real space simulator released in the model Free to Play? Yes ?! The game is free to download! Star Conflict is a free space simulator created by Star Game studios, which belongs to the Gaijin Entertainment – creators of amazing shooter War Thunder. I took the test with a strong conviction that if Gaijin fingers dipped in this, it must be at least good! When you join the game, waiting for us to choose one of three factions (Empire, Federation or Jericho), and each of them has 2 more sub-fractions. Each faction has its own tree ships that unlocks as you progress in the game – the same way as, for example, in World of Tanks. Spacecraft are divided into three groups, ranging from very quick Interceptors, more balanced and powerful Fighters, while Frigates, which are very slow, but heavily armed and armored. The basic form of the game are the matches, with up to a dozen players in each team. Typically, they consist of taking control of several points on the map, but we can also achieve victory through the physical elimination of the enemy team. We can communicate with other players via chat, while we choose the spacecraft at lobby. Spacecraft is depending on the roles on the battlefield. Each pilot can be fitted with the implants, which were divided into several tiers; the higher the level of our pilot is, the highly advanced implants can be implanted. Choosing implants is a form of combat capabilities manipulation which has impact on spacecraft. The longer you play the more amazing implants you’ll unlock! If you played World of Warplanes and War Thunder, you should rather quickly catch the game mechanics. This does not mean, however, that you do not face challenges. The first is the lack of a clear reference point, which is for pilots land or sky. In space, we may feel confused, so our shooting ability will be significantly reduced. Another issue is different flight physics – in the end move in the absence of gravity. The spacecraft […]

Sparta: War of Empires review

Muscled heroes of Sparta is not only a great material for a movie filled with action (like 300 created by Zack Snyder), but also the idea of ​​a strategic online game Free to Play model. Tonight we dine in hell! With these words, and having in mind the spartan image taken from movies and half-mythologized history, begin a very interesting online strategy released by Plarium. This cool game requires no download client, and only requires registration – incidentally, the registration process is rapid due to Facebook registration. I guess there is currently no player, not having behind although one strategy in the model Free to Play. Developed over the last few years, free strategy model does not change to much, but fortunately there are titles such as Sparta: War of Empires. One look at gameplay, and we will be amazed by visuals and sound. The player’s main goal is the effective development of the city – the pillars of the economy are all basic resources that we generate in the city, and then, in addition to gaining a conquest. Interest has to spin and is responsible for all this player. Tutorial explains everything you need, and does so not only text but also voice! Game has 5 different language options! Have you ever seen such a long and horizontal bar friends in social games? Typically, his appearance is considerable emphasis on inviting friends to play together and exchange gifts – just in Sparta: War of Empires. Closest allies are an essential element of the game and I cannot imagine a strategy game without them – in particular, I mean the production of strategic Free to Play. And what about the fight? Here a slight disappointment, because we will not have any effect on troops during a fight with other players. Used to the pain system consists of sending troops and wait for reports, closes before us this opportunity. Without a doubt a pity, but he realizes that maybe this is not always needed and necessary. Sparta: War of Empires works despite the fact, as effectively […]

Tribal Wars 2 review

Tribal Wars 2 is the sequel to a sucessful strategy online game Tribal Wars. Game has been created for computers, mobile devices and is absolutetly Free to Play. Did you play in Grepolis? Are you familiar with Forge of Empires? Yes? Behing these two popular strategies is InnoGames who is also responsible for Tribal Wars 2 – the successor to one of the first popular online strategy game. We start with the classic tutorial, which leads us through the basics of the game. Similarly, we will have to build from scratch your own empire – is it fun, again and again? Yes, because game is available on Android, iOS and computer for free! Initially, the only source of resources are buildings in the village, but there is also a way to get them from conquests / battles with other players. Game mechanics? It should not be too big a surprise, because the game is based on best practices, which we admired the way other free strategy. A key role is played by three raw materials that are extracted and Investing in our lands – clay, wood and iron. One glance at the map to refer to the closest targets – the barbarians (NPC) and the other players and their villages. However rzucałbym not to fight with the neighbors at the beginning of the game – it may end really badly for us. First of all, players should focus on creating the economic foundations for future expansion. At the beginning of the game, we get 7 days to focus on defense, while protective shield is helping us against other players. After it ends, we become the object of attack by other players. I suggests joining alliance. Combat mechanics? Well don’t expect something similar to Heroes Online. Tribal Wars 2 resembles most common, browser based strategy combat known from other titles – player send troops and is waiting for battle results. The failure or success. InnoGames tried out for the game to encourage not only visually, but also acoustically – one and the other is at a […]

Battle of Beasts review

The tactical RPG game? Strategy? The combination of both? Check out free browser multiplayer game Battle of Beasts developed by Upjers! I guess there is no one who doesen’t like fantasy genre – well OK maybe I know a few people. Suppose, however, that everyone likes. Enter fantasy world, register and find out what Battle of the Beasts offers. The whole idea of ​​the game is to keep getting powerful creatures and use them in the fight. But it is not this type of game, a mix of economic strategy with RPG elements. It looks really, really good you know. On the one hand we manage the infrastructure necessary for training and breeding monsters, on the other hand we follow their struggle to achieve ever higher levels of expertise. The combat system is not a particularly complex, but allows us to get involved into action – we can either attack or use abilities the creature. Not all online games have been so generous to us when it comes to intervention in the combat mechanics. Our first steps are undoubtedly pathetic – we get a little kobold, which we will have to deal with. During the game, players unlock more creatures, no doubt more terrifying than the twisted boy. Specifics? Here you go! Enlist spiders, naked, basilisks, hornets or even the great and terrible dragons! All creatures need not only training, which does not devote enough time, but feeding. Properly prepared monster is necessary to conquer more and more new areas under our control, which will increase profits and funds for subsequent investments. Most importantly, the game works and can give players exactly what they expect, or spend a pleasant time. Of course, not all unlock once, so you need to pay attention primarily on the actual passage of time. The creators decided to more serious productions, which should attrack more adult players. What about younger players? They will probably play in this game as well. The graphics are surprisingly good and classifies the productions on par with the latest news Upjers such as Undermaster. Visuals […]

Atlantica Online adventures

Atlantica Online isn’t new, it was picked as the best mmorpg of 2008, but it’ still one of the best free to play multiplayer online games, with unique turn-based style battles, it’s one of the few very innovating games in this genre. More? Excellent quality graphics and sound, amazing storyline, and several, exciting end-game PvP options. Just like in most of multiplayer online games with rpg features, Atlantica Online has a deep story to discover as we journey through, very large and exciting world. Basically we are playing as a descendant of the great people called “Atlantians”; this ancient nation of people was noble, proud, highly civilized but very greedy. After cataclysm, they disappeared few thousand years ago and our mission is to find their city – Atlantis. Journey will be long and hard, so take your sword and fight your way across the world to discover secrets of the ancients! The Atlantica Online storyline is based on ancient civilization, notably: the mythical city of Atlantis, Babylon, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and Egypt – it’s interesting if you like history. We can discover areas from all over the globe, so prepare to visit the Taj Mahal or Dracula’s Castle, Rome or New York City and many more, very exciting places, so it’s unique free multiplayer online game. In this multiplayer online game we can control a party of nine characters at a time with one of the being our main character and others as mercenaries. Of course, mercenaries are leveling up just like main character and we can also outfit them with equipment we find in our exciting journeys. What you should know, before you head out to any kind of shop – everything is player driven. If you want potion, you can make one or buy it from another player! Of course we can also buy ingredients for crafting and create something cool or if you find something handy – sell it for cash. Similar to other multiplayer online games, we can play helpful tutorial. Tutorial can help easily help you, to understand basics […]

My Sunny Resort review

Spend great time under the palm trees, while your organizers take care of your comfort. Let’s see what it’s like on the other side – lets check out My Sunny Resort! Main reason to play this game is that we will build and manage the tourist center, which is located in the beautiful and sunny part of the world. The game requires no download, and you can play it after a free registration, which will take you a few seconds. As you can expect, starting from the development of the infrastructure of our center, building a bungalow and a snack bar. Tutorial guides us by the hand through the first processes that are waiting for us in the game. And so we learn that not only build, but also to serve tourists. How exactly? Sims style – just grab one and put him into snack bar or anywhere else. The game is simple to use and it should not be difficult, but a glance at the number of options, shopping, items and opportunities resorts, could scare beginners. For the purchase of the item whatever you get experience points, just as for watering flowers and other activities. Experience points cause promoted to higher levels of experience, which results in access to new items and buildings. With simple gameplay My Sunny Resort is perfect way to spend some time with friend and relax during hard work. Just active the game in your browser and you will find out more about that. My Sunny Resort is colorful, maybe not full-screen – the action gameplay in a centered window – but it has a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. Accompanying us in the game music intensifies this effect yet, so it is nice to play it and think about the upcoming holidays. Company Upjers treated us to a number of non-being successful games, but for some time it seems decent enjoyable games browser. Graphic style is isometric with full view on the board, so it’s simillar to My Little Farmies. Menu should not pose any particular problems to anyone, but […]

Wizard101 – pure magic

Wizard101 is one of the most popular free multiplayer online games, where players are becoming child wizards. Set in similar to Harry Potter’s lore, players immerse themselves into fantasy universe, full of mystery and mystical spells. It features kid-friendly environment, colorful and vivid graphics which apply to most players fascinated with magical universes. So fathom power of magic, discover realms of Wizard101 and foil evil warlock Malistare Drake’s plans! Game starts in Ravenwood’s School of Magic, where every player starts his adventure as a mage. It features a short questionnaire that helps determine which school of magic they should pick. But if it will be divine school of Life or destructive path of Fire or anything else – last decision belongs to player. Like in some free multiplayer online games, Wizard101 doesn’t have multiple customization options. Just some haircut and face changes, change robe colors and it’s time to begin journey in magical world of Wizard101. The creators have designed this multiplayer online game to look more like an exciting story than a game itself, with is great. Players enter to game, complete different tasks and are being introduced to headmaster of school. After finishing tutorial players are going to visit most basic parts of the wizard city. Walking around first two areas takes several hours and after spending this time in game universe, players are rewarded with completely new inventory and cards, which are needed to fight with monsters. Advancing level 6-7 Wizard101 reminds players that game is partly for free. While entering into next zone, game will ask for purchasing subscription or an access pass. During the exploration of game universe players are going to spend their time mostly in two specific places – Triton Avenue and Unicorn Way, which are hunting grounds. They are full of different types of mobs, but they have been designed in way, so there is possibility to avoid every encounter. It may save a lot of time, because fighting is taking a lot of time – even if encountered monster is weak. Combat system in Wizard101 is […]

World of Tanks

Tanks, artillery and other amazing vehicles? Check out World of Tanks, one of the most popular free multiplayer online games. Game offers exciting battles up to 60 players, where only superior tactics and efficient teamwork can grant you the ultimate victory! World of Tanks is a splendid multiplayer game, where teamwork and tactics matters. Player can choose not only tanks, but also tank destroyers or self propered artillery. There are hundreds vehicles in World of Tanks! All vehicles in World of Tanks are divided into 5 groups; light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers and SPG (artillery). Currently there are 4 factions available in World of Tanks – Soviets, Germans, Americans and French. Each one has their own tech tree and unique vehicles, for a total of several hundred machines available. At the start of this multiplayer online game, we possess only light and puny German Leichttraktor, Soviet MS-1, (or equivalent) however later, player can buy, unique and spectacular machines, including legendary Panther tank or Elephant-Ferdinand tank destroyer. There is no tutorial, so playing these light tanks is a perfect time to learn some aspects of the gameplay. To enter battle, player must click the button “Battle”. Battles are up to 60 players, involving 2 teams up to 30 players and the most common mode to play is the Team Deathmatch. During Team Deathmatch, task is to capture enemy base, so first of all we must annihilate all enemies (or most of them). Player shouldn’t be surprised when vehicle he control, will be destroyed with one, single hit – unexpected death is very typical part of the gameplay. Lack of respawn is controversial feature of the game, making aggressive approach to the game, pointless. All players who remember Battlefield 1942 should feel like home. Just like in this old game, vehicles are essential part of the gameplay. All vehicles are controlled with mouse and keyboard, while the aiming system is easy enough to shoot and move. Of course our first tank is slow, but second or third one is much faster; maneuvers are very important part of […]