Free online multiplayer games no download needed

Looking for hot free online multiplayer games no download required? Free to play multiplayer online games are extremely popular. Which one is hottest? Which one has top quality graphics? Which one has the biggest community? Maybe there is a game combining all these elements?! Let’s find out!

The Settlers Online

Real classis and one of the best strategy available in browser no download needed. The game features a large number of different buildings and very enjoyable, economy based gameplay. Players start adventure with tutorial…


It’s time to develop strong economy, which isn’t so simple. First of all, we should start with various buildings associated with the economy and later, focus on military expansion. Suitable allies are also very important! Blue Byte, being the original development studio of The Settlers, has done a very good job of transitioning the style of gameplay fans expect into a social setting. Strategy does a great job combining social and gameplay aspects, even with the long building/production timers that progressively get longer during the game.

Battlestar Galactica Online
Battlestar Galactica Online is a fresh sci-fi online multiplayer game based on known Battlestar Galactica franchise. We can play as Humans or Cylon race, and discover large, high-quality crafted in-game world. Quality, starships, lasers, exceptional PvP and more! Battlestar Galactica Online using the revolutionary Unity engine, showing us the future of multiplayer online games genre.


What about starships? There are 3 classes of starships in the game – heavy, medium, light – and each faction has 3 ships in each weight class (9 starships total). Each is unique, has own strengths and weaknesses and of course, appearance. The most spectacular thing in Battlestar Galactica Online is the space combat. Unity engine is showing very advanced capabilities, but game is something far more than just a graphic engine. PvP is very entertaining and overall it’s very hard to get enough of it. While you can play solo, you can find yourself getting crushed again and again by opponent gamers who are working together as a team. Battlestar Galactica Online is a fantastic starship combat game, with solid foundation for even more amusing game. In my opinion it’s one of the best free to play game I saw lately. We can explore various worlds, and unlock new weapons, ships, and parts as they progress. It’s definitely MUST – PLAY!

Might & Magic Heroes: Kingdoms

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms is an exciting, browser strategy game published by Ubisoft based on the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise. In its core it plays much like Evony, Lord of Ultima or Ceasary Online and every other browser based multiplayer online games out there, but game has very interesting rpg elements, making MMHK a lot better than other strategy games.


Out main task it to develop kingdom, by building towns, fighting NPC creatures for resource, experience and artifacts. Not enough? Game has also PvP, guilds and a lot of multiplayer content. First we need to pick faction, second hire heroes and expand our kingdom’s arsenal by buying units and conquering surrounding areas. After 14 day of newbie protection, we must participate in PvP, our neighbors will gladly ruin our kingdom if we ignore this part of the game. Only using our strength, cunning, solid economic foundations and diplomacy we can defend or attack effectively. With a real difference between units, kingdoms, and classes, and tiny evidence of a push for a “cash shop” strategy, the gameplay is very addicting. It’s fun, can be played in a few minutes a day, and is as social as any “standard” mmorpg. Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is best choice for those who love previous games from Might and Magic universe and for those who love browser strategy games. As a player I really enjoy free online multiplayer games no download required.

Edgeworld is a quality sci-fi multiplayer online game, one of the spectacular multiplayer online games, set on a hostile alien world. The game puts us in endless war between the Ceruleans and the Galactic Union, with high quality details, nicely crafted world and even comfy interface is MUST-TRY, especially if you are one of facebook users.


Our base is surrounded by alien wilderness, our task to develop all infrastructure and technology to create mines and refineries, defensive buildings (turrets, laser cannons) and barracks for training soldiers. Security is an essence. To keep the business running we need organize everything, from units, buildings, economy and even attack other bases to get their resources – pure fun and really a lot to do! Battles are complex and to win, we need to scout opponent’s base, decide which units are best for attack and how to do it. Everything is happening in real time, so there is a lot to get involved in the Edgeworld! Edgeworld is exceptional strategy multiplayer game, with innovative combat, making this social game more addictive and fun. After many similar games, Edgeworld is showing us quality and innovation, while leaving behind another game with CityVille, FarmVille mechanics.

Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires is a well-designed online strategy game, which is a combination of solutions known from the classic strategy games online and Civilization series. We start from the Stone Age – open question is, where we stop.


Our first steps in the game is to create residential and commercial buildings – the number of settlers should gradually increase. To develop gradually our village, we have to buy technology that dates back to the late Middle Ages. We are building production facilities, military, cultural, and even decorative to our civilization developed properly. Simple interface and tutorial, dispelled any doubts, although this is not a game for everyone. The game has very good graphics and is solidly made, but the problem remains micropayments – paying players have many bonuses.

Kingdom Rush
It’s hard not to notice one of the most recognizable tower defense game in history, Kingdom Rush – briliant, innovative and totally awesome! The game is also available for mobile devices, so play in your web browser or via mobile!


Kingdom falls and only play can stop the invasion of the forces of darkness! Goblins, trolls, demons and skeletons are attacking to burn and plunder, but our defense army. Opponents run along the road, and our task is to build turrets in the right places – simple and fun, but also totally addicting. Kindom Rush is totally awesome, because it’s full of colors, humor and amazing sound quality. It is difficult to count all the positives related to this title. It’s must-play game without any download.

Realm of the Mad God
Retro games withount client? What about simple, however totally addicting Realm of the Mad God? It’s one of those games you love or hate, but you can’t ignore it!


This simple, but incredibly playable productions was one of the best multiplayer games no download released in 2012. The game takes us to a fantasy world, ruled by the title of Mad God Oryx. Player’s main task is to kill main boss Oryx, however first of all we have to kill exactly 2500 other monsters. Along the way, we need to develop strongest possible character, get powerful items and prepare for everything and anything. There is a large variety of classes, including: Knight, Necromancer, Dark Knight, Mage, Archer or Assasin, however at the begining we are alowed to play only one class.