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Rail Nation review

Rail Nation is a unique opportunity to be the head of railway company. Ready to dominate all land transport in a great multiplayer online game for free? Rail Nation is free and requires no client strategy browser.


Rail Nation brings all the players in the arena of competition for the title of most efficient businessman in an unusual industry –rail transport. As part of our business, we will on the one hand to manage infrastructure – not just the railway – and on the other the entire rolling stock. An important part of the development is to develop new technologies that allow the purchase of more modern locomotives and wagons. Our train station is a place where you will find many buildings that improve income and in-game bonuses. Hotel, restaurant, bank, department store, home license – all must be developed meanwhile. Making more money is the primary objective, and all activity in the [...]

War Metal Tyrant

War Metal: Tyrant is successful online card game available on Facebook and Kongregate. Gameplay consist of entertaining battles, unique cards, duels, single player campaign mode and multiplayer raids. War Metal was launched by Synapse Games in June 2009 and since then it’s one of the most interesting free multiplayer online games out there.

All about war…
At the start of the game, players receive starter deck with a commander and generated cards. Like in other free multiplayer online games, the tutorial shows basic game mechanics and how to win the battle. During the battle player controls 10 card playing deck. The key to the victory is to eliminate the enemy commander, while we need to pay an attention to own commander. Any attack aimed at the commander is subtracting some amount of his health bar.

Game offers a lot of possibilities; player can join guild and build alliances, while by completing [...]

Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is one of the most popular space free multiplayer online games; it offers addictive gameplay, fast-paced combat and quite a large dose of entertainment. Space battles, mining resources and a large emphasis on PvP, but on the other hand, outdated visuals and very simple mechanics – it’s a basically Eve Online poor cousin.

2D space
Dark Orbit is basically PvP oriented multiplayer online game, so it’s not for everyone; large emphasis on PvP is making this game challenging and team-oriented, especially because our starship can be destroyed anytime, anywhere. At the start of the game, we may choose between 3 companies: Venus Resources Unlimited, Mars Mining Operations, and Earth Industries Corporation. There is no real storyline; players are fight for the glory of their companies (money, power). There are 2 important currencies; Credits – common money used to buy most basic equipment, weapons and ammunition; Uridium – rare, premium [...]

Supremacy 1914

Looking for great multiplayer online games? You should check out Supremacy 1914, game for all enthusiasts and for players who are seeking for more than just simple multiplayer games. In Supremacy 1914 we can battle up to 30 player battles and several week long campaign for control over the Europe. Our cunning, strategy and diplomatic skills are the most important l during our road to ultimate victory.

Are you ready to fight?
In Supremacy 1914, we become a leader of a very powerful nation in turbulent Europe after the turn of the century; like Clausewitz said “War is an extension of politics” so idea is to mix war and diplomacy into domination. Our cunning, better tactics and development and our other traits may help during the game. Supremacy 1914 an exciting is a multiplayer game for up to 30 strategy maniacs, while AI ensures fun even in rounds with less than [...]

Settlers Online

Settlers are one of the most popular series of strategy games for pc; now we can play latest game Settlers Online right through our browser! With detailed, pleasant graphics, deep gameplay is surely worth to play title. Settlers Online is free to play, so it’s available for everyone for free with some premium options. It’s one of the best multiplayer online games available right now.

Settlers Online! Hurray!
Right from the start of the game, we are playing the tutorial, which shows us the basics, game mechanics and all what we should know about the game. Tutorial in fact is connected with the game, so along with the opportunity to learn the basics, we can develop some buildings in our town. The game offers a large number of various buildings, which are the foundation of our economic and strategic power; like in all multiplayer online games. From the [...]

Free online multiplayer games no download needed

Looking for hot free online multiplayer games no download required? Free to play multiplayer online games are extremely popular. Which one is hottest? Which one has top quality graphics? Which one has the biggest community? Maybe there is a game combining all these elements?! Let’s find out!

Battlestar Galactica Online
Battlestar Galactica Online is a fresh sci-fi online multiplayer game based on known Battlestar Galactica franchise. We can play as Humans or Cylon race, and discover large, high-quality crafted in-game world. Quality, starships, lasers, exceptional PvP and more! Battlestar Galactica Online using the revolutionary Unity engine, showing us the future of multiplayer online games genre. What about starships? There are 3 classes of starships in the game – heavy, medium, light – and each faction has 3 ships in each weight class (9 starships total). Each is unique, has own strengths and weaknesses and of course, appearance.

The most spectacular thing [...]

Great multiplayer strategy M&M Heroes Kingdoms

Almost everyone loves Heroes of Might and Magic series – if not last, fifth part, then classic – third one. Lately Ubisoft’s made browser multiplayer game Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms which is based on Heroes of Might and Magic V and also cannot be confused with the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Browser Might and Magic
Speaking more specifically, it’s a tabletop-infused OSG that feels more like a concrete strategy game than the browser-based title it is. With the being popular titles like Evony and Travian, it was only a matter of time before some of the larger, better known on the gaming market companies jump into the pool of online browser gaming. Ubisoft has completed this goal just that with Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms.

If you’ve enjoyed playing in Heroes series, you’ll be familiar with a larger part of the game’s setting – if [...]

About Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is great free multiplayer rpg game that plays right on your browser using Adobe Shockwave. Currently Sherwood Dungeon has thousands of adventure-seeking players, penetrating dungeons, killing monsters and discovering, exceptional magical artifacts! For a browser game has very good graphics and exciting real time, fast-paced combat – we can even block! This is one of the most impressive multiplayer online games, can be played through your browser, without need to download or sign up.

Entering the game
What is worth mentioning; Sherwood Dungeon doesn’t need any sing up, we can just play, after picking name of your character. Of course if we want to play the same character, we need to register, because all information is saved in right “cookie” file – of course if we delete cookie, all is lost. There is no complex character creation, which is common in browser multiplayer online games, so [...]