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Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds is very popular free multiplayer online game made by same people who created its predecessor, Adventure Quest. This version is much bigger than previous installment; with implemented real time battling system, wide universe and fantastic gameplay – game sure is addictive.


Visuals are very similar to first Adventure Quest. It’s cartoonish, vivid and has some graphical glitches. Comparing it to first part, combat has been completely redesigned. Turn-based fights with special encounter screens system have been removed and instead, battles take place in real world, similar to most open-world free multiplayer online games. Other players can also participate in fights. It’s fast paced part of game and most skills don’t need any preparation in order to use them – they are being casted instantly. On the other hand some repeatable tasks makes game feel slow. Character creation process begins right after registration, or more specifically, is a [...]

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Are you interested in best free online multiplayer games available in your browser? Find out about hottest games on the web right now.

Drakensang Online
Drakensang Online is a free online multiplayer game, available in browser, offering chance to challenge monsters, discover treasures in deepest dungeons. Game is in fact hack n slash, fast-paced action rpg, with impressive visuals, and is based on Drakensang: The Dark Eye.

There are only 2 classes, available – Dragonknight (melee), Spellweaver (magic class) and both have variety of skills. Unlike many online multiplayer games, there is a well-designed crafting system implemented in Drakensang Online, allowing us to create exceptional weapons and items. In-game world is filled with variety of creatures; goblins, dangerous ogres or skeletons; ready to give us a lot of experience, cash and a load of magic items. Game offers hundreds of quests, making world exploration pretty fun experience. Graphics is amazing; detailed, with water and fire effects and overall [...]

Rail Nation review

Rail Nation is a unique opportunity to be the head of railway company. Ready to dominate all land transport in a great multiplayer online game for free? Rail Nation is free and requires no client strategy browser.


Rail Nation brings all the players in the arena of competition for the title of most efficient businessman in an unusual industry –rail transport. As part of our business, we will on the one hand to manage infrastructure – not just the railway – and on the other the entire rolling stock. An important part of the development is to develop new technologies that allow the purchase of more modern locomotives and wagons. Our train station is a place where you will find many buildings that improve income and in-game bonuses. Hotel, restaurant, bank, department store, home license – all must be developed meanwhile. Making more money is the primary objective, and all activity in [...]

War Metal Tyrant

War Metal: Tyrant is successful online card game available on Facebook and Kongregate. Gameplay consist of entertaining battles, unique cards, duels, single player campaign mode and multiplayer raids. War Metal was launched by Synapse Games in June 2009 and since then it’s one of the most interesting free multiplayer online games out there.

All about war…
At the start of the game, players receive starter deck with a commander and generated cards. Like in other free multiplayer online games, the tutorial shows basic game mechanics and how to win the battle. During the battle player controls 10 card playing deck. The key to the victory is to eliminate the enemy commander, while we need to pay an attention to own commander. Any attack aimed at the commander is subtracting some amount of his health bar.

Game offers a lot of possibilities; player can join guild and build alliances, while by completing campaign missions he can increase reputation related to several of [...]

Free online multiplayer games no download needed

Looking for hot free online multiplayer games no download required? Free to play multiplayer online games are extremely popular. Which one is hottest? Which one has top quality graphics? Which one has the biggest community? Maybe there is a game combining all these elements?! Let’s find out!

The Settlers Online

Real classis and one of the best strategy available in browser no download needed. The game features a large number of different buildings and very enjoyable, economy based gameplay. Players start adventure with tutorial…


It’s time to develop strong economy, which isn’t so simple. First of all, we should start with various buildings associated with the economy and later, focus on military expansion. Suitable allies are also very important! Blue Byte, being the original development studio of The Settlers, has done a very good job of transitioning the style of gameplay fans expect into a social setting. Strategy [...]

Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is browser, three-dimensional sci-fi multiplayer online game created by BigPoint – creators of such popular titles as SeaFight or DarkOrbit. Game’s action is placed within Battlestar Galactica universe and players can immerse in the world of this popular TV Show as Cylons or Humans and fight to the death in vast space. Galaxy exploration, deadly weaponry, high-tech spacecrafts – it’s one of the most innovating free online multiplayer games.


Game has been designed to be entertaining even for those who are not familiar with Battlestar Galactica at any level. Players who are not familiar with the Battlestar Galactica TV series will still enjoy this game just as much as seasoned fans. Battlestar Galactica Online takes place 40 years after the beginning of Cylon conflict. Humanity made cybernetic race of Cylons, who evolved and at some point revolted. During the revolution they invaded Twelve Colonies, killing humans and stealing their [...]

Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is one of the most popular space free multiplayer online games; it offers addictive gameplay, fast-paced combat and quite a large dose of entertainment. Space battles, mining resources and a large emphasis on PvP, but on the other hand, outdated visuals and very simple mechanics – it’s a basically Eve Online poor cousin.


Dark Orbit is basically PvP oriented multiplayer online game, so it’s not for everyone; large emphasis on PvP is making this game challenging and team-oriented, especially because our starship can be destroyed anytime, anywhere. At the start of the game, we may choose between 3 companies: Venus Resources Unlimited, Mars Mining Operations, and Earth Industries Corporation. There is no real storyline; players are fight for the glory of their companies (money, power). There are 2 important currencies; Credits – common money used to buy most basic equipment, weapons and ammunition; Uridium – rare, premium currency, difficult [...]